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Customer Testimonials - Don't Just Take our Word for it...

Here is what our customers have been saying about Campfire FX:


I just wanted you to know how incredibly happy we were with your product! We had a family gathering on Saturday night and we threw a few in the campfire and WOW... we were all mesmerized. I want to thank you again!! - Regards, Tera, Georgetown, Ontario


The envelopes were a great hit!!!!! In fall of last year I tried to whip up some home made concoctions and they did not go well. This year I guaranteed these would work. And they did....the Blue and the Green were the best with the most ooooohhhhhs and aaaaaaahs....again thanks...I look forward to our next campfire! -Brad, Irvine, California


the Campfire FX made our campfire beautiful, the colors kept the kids entertained all night. We will be purchasing more... - Melissa, Payson, Illinois


The Campfire FX packages were fantastic, they last way longer than the other ones that we have tried and have bigger coloured flames with more colours. We loved Campfire FX and will definitely buy more. - Marguerite Parsons, Prince George, BC


Due to busy schedules, our family camping trip was delayed by a couple weeks. However, we went and had a great time. You were right, your product was a definite hit with the kids & they were mesmerized! Even more so were my Husband & Brother, who are both professional fire fighters....they threw on an extra packet (or two) after the kiddos went to bed! :) - Jennifer, Oregon


Awesome light show. - makes for a very interesting campfire! - Steve, Kelowna, BC


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