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Bring your Campfire to Life!

Campfire FX is a unique blend of copper salts designed to create a mesmerizing display of dancing purple, green, and blue flames in your wood-burning fire!

Simply place an entire, sealed package of Campfire FX on top of your fire and watch the magic begin! Within two minutes, your fire will be a mesmerizing display of brilliant purple, green, and blue flames for up to 30 minutes!

Uses Include:

Best of all, Campfire FX can be used year-round! Whether you are sitting around a fall campfire, enjoying Christmas around the fireplace, or venturing out on a summer RV trip, Campfire FX will add a magical dimension to your next fire!

Background Information

Based in Selkirk, Manitoba, Campfire FX is able to serve all Canadian Retailers and Distributors in a timely and efficient manner. Our state-of-the-art, Canadian-based manufacturing facility offers the following advantages over other campfire colorant brands:

  • Superb Quality Control - Campfire FX is one of the only campfire colorant brands manufactured in North America. In addition to supporting the Canadian Economy, domestic manufacturing allows for superior quality control and ingredient sourcing.
  • Expedited Order Processing and Delivery - With the only campfire colorant manufacturing and distribution center located in Canada's Heartland, Campfire FX is able to serve all major Canadian markets with lead-times under one business week.
  • Health Canada Compliance – Campfire FX packaging is designed to meet or exceed all standards and specifications pertaining to the safe transport, sale, and use of our product in Canada.

Merchandising Information

Campfire FX is Canada's only fire product boasting an attractive, full-color display unit. With the unique Campfire FX packaging design, our external carton doubles as a unique product display. Each master carton of Campfire FX contains 50 retail pieces.

Campfire FX is also bar coded and P.O.S. scanner compatible, and can easily be included in your store's database of retail products. Additionally, all wholesale orders arrive complete with complementary point-of-sale promotional materials to boost your sales!

Looking to make a splash in the "Seasonal" section of your store? This self-contained display comes complete with 400 x Campfire FX Single Packs, 96 x Campfire FX 3-Packs, and a convenient point-of-sale merchandising rack!

Campfire FX is proud to introduce the Campfire FX 3-Pack! Each 3-Pack contains three single-use Campfire FX packets with a convenient peg-board header to make it an easy addition to any product display. Available in case lots of 48 packs. Perfect for a weekend camping trip!

Potential In-Store Merchandising Locations:

  • Impulse Items
  • Camping Section
  • Fireworks Section
  • Outdoor Living Section
  • Fireplace Section
  • Seasonal Section